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UNITECH International

Vorwerk and UNITECH International - You might know us for vacuum cleaners and direct selling, but did you know that we are not only working on edge technologies but bringing them to our customers like robotics and a digital kitchen appliances?

While other companies are talking about Smart Home, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, Vorwerk has already millions of connected products at customers home using and loving them on a daily basis! If you are currently a student enrolled at one of the UNITECH Academic Partner Universities, we are looking for you helping us shaping our future.

We allow the new generation of high qualified engineers and digital experts creating the future of Vorwerk in small and agile teams. Our corporate headquarters are based in Wuppertal (Germany). Our Division Vorwerk Engineering is represented at three sites: Wuppertal (Germany), Cloyes-sur-le-Loir (France) and Shanghai (China), and our divisional headquarter for Thermomix and Kobold is based in Freienbach (Switzerland). We offer exciting internships, Bachelor- and Master theses opportunities in the areas of:

  • Digitalization,
  • Robotics,
  • IT,
  • Innovation,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Electrical engineering,
  • Computer science (software),
  • Mechatronics,
  • Experimental Physics,
  • Industrial Design.

An exemplary roadmap during and even after the UNITECH program could look like:

In addition to an internship or thesis, UNITECH students and alumni are able to participate in hackathon events as well as in business cases in the areas of:

  • Digital / Product or Knowledge Marketing,
  • Customer Research,
  • Smart Home,
  • Autonomy in the home,
  • In the above mentioned engineering areas.
Recognized for our unique, high quality and innovative products, Vorwerk is an excellent platform for you to apply your technical knowledge in a real business environment and explore the challenges of our global family company.

UNITECH International
is an exchange program enabling students to complement their engineering studies by gaining academic, professional and personal experience at an international level. It is a great network of leading technical universities and multinational companies in Europe.

From UNITECH to Vorwerk

Participation in the UNITECH programme paved the way for Maren Häring's career at VORWERK Engineering. Bolstered by the experience acquired through the UNITECH programme and due to contacts made within the international UNITECH network, she was able to start her professional career directly in Wuppertal after successfully completing her mechanical engineering studies at the RWTH Aachen.

Maren Häring, Vorwerk Engineering

I value the professional but still familial work environment, as well as the challenging tasks and international focus of the company and my work! 

"I initially heard about UNITECH in my first semester and I immediately knew it was something I would be interested in”, says Maren Häring. The UNITECH programme is an international network of companies, European universities and students of STEM subjects. It consists of various modules, which are mainly taken overseas. The best time to apply for the UNITECH programme is in the fifth semester, to facilitate participation in the programme within the two years after that. Even on completion of the so-called UNITECH degree, the programme still lives on in the form of an active and engaged alumni association. This means the international network of participants can be maintained and constantly expanded.

My personal UNITECH curriculum: In early 2010, after thoroughly exploring the topics involved, I successfully passed the application phase, including the assessment centre. The start-up week in September in Zürich then brought that year's new group of students together for the first time, along with the UNITECH coaches and corporate partners. After an exciting week of workshops, dealing with topics such as team-building and intercultural awareness, we students headed off for our semester abroad. I spent my 7th semester studying mechanical engineering at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. This gave me an opportunity to get to know a university culture other than that in Germany and work closely with fellow students from all over the world.

In February 2011, during the mid-term week in Dublin, we solved case studies from the corporate partners in internationally mixed groups. In my work team, for example, we worked on a human resource business case, which was closely supported by one of the partner companies.

Each UNITECH year culminates with the end-of-year event. Besides further coaching, mainly on the subjects of management and careers at that stage, contact between students and companies is to the fore. This event is held each year and is also an important date on the alumni calendar as a means of meeting former participants/friends and making new contacts.

"The UNITECH programme is perfect for personal and professional development in my eyes", says Maren Häring, with complete conviction, "especially given how internationally focused many companies are at this time." UNITECH participants interact intensively with numerous potential employers during the programme. "For example, we were able to really get to know individual companies between UNITECH events through company tours, lectures and talking with employees. Likewise, the companies also had the opportunity to get to know us and our skills."

My journey from UNITECH to VORWERK: After an international internship in the US in April 2011, I studied for another year at the RWTH Aachen. The end-of-year event in 2012 was my first time coming into contact with VORWERK Engineering. This resulted in a three-month internship at VORWERK Semco's Thermomix production facility in France. During this internship, I was given responsibility for planning part of the assembly of the Thermomix TM5. It was clear to me there that VORWERK might be an attractive employer for me after completing my studies. You do have a sense of being part of a family in the immediate work environment, but the company also has an international focus and offers interesting engineering challenges.

No sooner said than done: I spoke again with the VORWERK HR department at the 2013 end-of-year event, this time about being taken on after my studies. After successfully completing the application phase, I then started my professional career in Wuppertal in January 2014, where I spent two years. Hereafter I went to VORWERK Semco for a year in 2016 to support the French site with engineering projects. Among other things, I was responsible there for moving production facilities from the Wuppertal site to Semco and served as an interface between the two production sites.

I have been back in Wuppertal since early 2017 and have assumed product responsibility for the Thermomix TM5. In this role as well, I will spend around a quarter of my working time on site in France with VORWERK Semco. I am sure that I will also benefit in this task from the overseas experience I have gained since my participation in the UNITECH programme and my international contacts. Working and living in France in particular was a great development opportunity for me, which was significantly influenced by the UNITECH programme. I am sure that participating in this programme as part of an international network with colleagues from various disciplines all over the world also made it easier for me to get a foot in the door at VORWERK. Even though the day-to-day realities in the workplace do not always match all the (ideal) things you imagine during your studies, I still feel at ease at VORWERK. I value the professional but still familial work environment at the various sites, as well as the challenging tasks and international focus of the company and my work.

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