Are you excited to join us as official distributor?The following Questions & Answers provide a first clarification.

You have already gained profound business development and sales experience in high-quality consumer goods. Your leadership and management skills enable you to build up a successful and sustainable business representing Vorwerk in line with our strategy.

As a serious entrepreneur you are willing to invest and lead our brands in a new market based on a win – win relationship that is governed by common strategic intend and mutual respect.

As a business partner you develop and apply locally the vision for our brands and pursue growth and success.

Experience in the fields of one of our product categories is appreciated: household & kitchen appliances and consumer goods.

Investment requirements vary from the type of product and business. You should be financially solid with a full credit control. You should also be ready to agree and deliver on certain minimum target of growth. You should further be able to invest and support on training of future resources on Vorwerk culture and values.

The team of the Kobold distributor business provides continued support and training on Sales, Marketing and Technical topics. Moreover, representing Vorwerk comes with plenty of benefits:  

  • Established and trusted brand
  • Proven structures and systems
  • A wealth of experience at your fingertips
  • International presence and influence

Your business focuses on Kobold, our premium household cleaning appliances. After successful establishment in the market, further brand representation can be requested. Vorwerk currently owns five division that offer export for distributors:

  • Kobold | premium household cleaning appliances
  • Thermomix | unique all-in-one kitchen appliance
  • Flooring | quality carpets and tasteful, elastic floor coverings
  • Temial | authentic tea culture made for the modern world
  • Twercs | power tools

We initially grant one brand representation. After successful establishment in the market, further brand representation can be requested.

Vorwerk’s omnichannel strategy serves customers in all channels transparently and fairly. This comprises:

  • Traditional person-to-person direct sales (in-home demonstrations)
  • eCommerce (Webshops, webpages, social media)
  • Retail (Vorwerk flagship stores, shops in shopping malls, shop-in-shop systems)

A premium brand is usually represented by one exclusive and official distributor per country. In few cases where the region cannot be covered by one company, we offer a separation between regions.  

The contract incorporates a mutual agreement to deliver on a certain minimum target of growth (3-year basis). 

Think global, act local. We understand that business is local and have designed our corporate guidelines as a foundation for all markets. Based on these, your marketing activities and brand representation can be localized. Our guidelines and requirements will be introduced to you by a detailed training. 

The applicant is repsonsible for the requirments on import, taxes and certifications. Our staff will support you with the provision of the required documents. 

Please submit your CV/company introduction with a cover letter and business plan to: VI-Kobold-Marketing(at)  

After having received your complete application, we will assess the suitability and reply with the further proceeding. In case of a positive assessment, the following activities may apply:

  1. Invitation to a first introduction via phone or web call
  2. Clarification of essential topics with regards to finance, sales and market entry
  3. Invitation to our International Headquarters in Switzerland; personal presentation of Vorwerk, the team and product portfolio
  4. Discussion on contractual details
  5. Visit to your country
  6. Signing the contract and kick-off of our partnership