Highly qualified, motivated employees and an international culture of fair and transparent leadership are important factors that contribute to Vorwerk’s success.

The ideal work-life-balance

As a family company, employees are really important at Vorwerk. We know that the required performance and strength can only be achieved in the workplace if the balance between work and private life is just right. That’s why we offer our employees a variety of different work and working time models, as well as family support and a company health scheme to help maintain the balance that makes their lives more enjoyable.

Recognizing and developing talent

Trained skilled workers and executives, and developing talent are key aspects of our corporate culture. We want our employees to always be prepared to meet the challenges of our markets in order to guarantee the lasting success of our company. We develop the strengths of our high potentials and tailor our development measures – such as coaching, mentor and leadership programs – to their needs.

The Vorwerk AcademyEmployee development is an integral part of our corporate culture. The Vorwerk Academy promotes professional and personal development and individual coaching.

To the Villa Mittelsten Scheid 

At home all over the world 

Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and parts of the African continent – although Vorwerk is represented in more than 70 countries, there is still a strong sense of family cohesion across the Group. At Vorwerk, personal development also means that your work can involve traveling around the globe and working with people of many, very different cultures. International networking and expanding cross-divisional career paths are particular Vorwerk goals.

In over 70countries Vorwerk has production facilities and sales organizations