We don’t just work with colleagues. We’ve got teammates.

Vorwerk as employer

There’s something special about working at Vorwerk: Whatever happens, you never have to go it alone. Even when some occasional turbulence shakes things up, you can count on our support and encouragement. After all, we’re in this together. And one thing we share is a common goal to move mountains. Nothing can stop us because we’re ready to go through thick and thin together. After all, isn’t that what teammates are for?

We are pioneers
The market is rife with challenges that demand flexibility. In that spirit, we encourage employees to work together and complement one another’s talents in order to greater enhance their skills of innovation, to blaze new trails through firm customer-oriented action.

We are visionaries
For us, the future doesn’t begin tomorrow. We experience it in the here and now, putting into practice today the ideas that others only dream of.

We are energizers
When we come up with a concept, we trust in our own courage to change. And with that confidence, we stimulate innovation and launch new ideas – ones that fuel thought and propel us ever forward. Ideas that speak to our customers’ needs.

We are motivators
What could be more appealing than a job that encourages you to think and gaze beyond the horizon, and not just on your beach holiday? One that offers balance between your professional life and private life?

Why Vorwerk

Vorwerk promotes talented people, their health and their families: All of these are good reasons to opt for a career with Vorwerk. We aim to maintain the balance that makes the lives of our employees more enjoyable. 

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