All big things start with a small step. And that goes for your application, too.

Application Process

It all starts when you apply to join us. It can open the doors to something big for you – to a work environment in which you can show how forward-looking you are and how boldly you step up to the daily challenges that confront us.

We are looking for people with outstanding qualities.
And we have an aversion to barriers.

Where your job application is concerned, we want to make things as easy as possible for you and not put any barriers in your way. That’s why we offer you the convenience of applying online via our job portal. That makes our job easier, while you can be sure that your application will reach us as fast as possible.



We’ll tell you straight:
What matters is the content.

Helping and supporting each other is writ large at Vorwerk. And it starts with your application. Nothing can really go wrong if you follow our tips. Make sure that your online application is genuine and complete, for instance. After all, we want to get the best possible impression of you. That’s why the content matters.

Along with your covering letter, we require a tabular CV detailing all the important stages in your education and working life (where appropriate, with details of additional qualifications and voluntary work), as well as copies of all relevant certificates and references (school and vocational training certificates, university degree, job and internship references, additional qualifications). If you are still a student, send us your current grade average.

By the way, it’s also a good idea to send in any samples you may have of your work! They set you apart from rival candidates and at the same time let us see what you can do and have already achieved. And that can certainly give you a head start.

It’s a good sign when we say:
We have to talk.

We aren’t just looking for people to work with and for us, but for real characters who, like us, are enthusiastic about new things. Who are bold and eager to plumb their own depths and get to know their own strengths, and who actively support their colleagues and pitch in when it matters most. A personal interview gives us the opportunity to find out whether you are that kind of person and whether we are a good fit.

And now a few more tips for the interview. The most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t put on a front. Also, it can be useful to bear in mind that it’s not just you applying to us, but also that we are applying to you. So there is absolutely no need for you to feel under pressure.



We have the agony of choice.
You have all the opportunities.

We select our candidates according to clearly defined criteria: their strengths, their motivation and their previous employment and success. What we learn about your personal expectations for the future, your knowledge of our company and also the impression we are able to gain of you during the interview also influence our decision.

Oh yes, and we’ve already mentioned the work samples. We urge you not to hold them back; on the one hand because with them, you show us what you are capable of and have already achieved, and on the other, because we just happen to be very curious.




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