OWNER FAMILY Mittelsten ScheidSuccessful on the strength of continuity and openness to change

As an internationally successful family enterprise, the Vorwerk Group is a household name to millions of people around the globe. Under the leadership of its owners, the Mittelsten Scheid family, Vorwerk has gradually grown into a global corporate group over the more than 130 years it has been in business. Today, former Managing Partner Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid is Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board. A total of 20 members of the Mittelsten Scheid family are connected to the Vorwerk enterprise as shareholders. They all fully support the company’s sustainability policy, and this is perhaps the true secret of the success of this family enterprise.

Carl Vorwerk

The brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk found the "Barmer Teppichfabrik Vorwerk & Co." in Wuppertal.

August Mittelsten Scheid

August Mittelsten Scheid, Carl Vorwerk’s
son-in-law, becomes sole managing partner in 1907.

Werner Mittelsten Scheid

In 1930, Werner Mittelsten Scheid introduces direct sales – marking a new chapter in the history of the company.

Dr. Erich Mittelsten Scheid

In 1953, Dr. Erich Mittelsten Scheid takes over as the head of the company.

Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid

In 1966, Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid joins the Executive Board and in 2005 becomes chairman of the Supervisory Board, of which he is still Honorary Chairman.