The Vorwerk Group’s highly diverse portfolio of products and services includes premium household appliances, carpets and cosmetics, and also leasing and financing services. At Vorwerk, research, development and sales all take place within the company, so that “Made by Vorwerk” is recognized as a seal of quality.


Vorwerk Kobold is one of Vorwerk’s oldest-established divisions and one of the company’s best-known segments. When Vorwerk invented the original Kobold upright vacuum cleaner in 1929, it succeeded in building powerful suction into a very small space. The next new departure soon came along, when Vorwerk became the first company to bring direct sales to Europe.
Driven by innovations, today’s Kobold product line encompasses not only the upright and canister-type vacuum cleaners, but also a robot vacuum and a window cleaner. 

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708 million €in sales generated by Kobold in 2019

An average of 9.600 sales advisors and
1.900 employees work for Kobold


It was in 1970 that the idea of designing a device that could both mix and cook came to the man, who was then Managing Director of Vorwerk France. Soon after, in 1971, the “original Thermomix” VM 2000 came onto the market. Vorwerk has been continuously developing new models with improved performance and new features ever since – the latest of these being today’s Thermomix ® TM6.

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1,3 billion €
in sales generated by the Thermomix ®
Division in 2019

An average of 48.200 advisors and 5.600 employees work for Thermomix ®


Temial – experience authentic tea culture in a new way.
With the slogan "Made as thought for 2,000 years" Temial celebrates the appreciation of tea and unites the tea cultures of this world in an innovative product world.
In addition to the innovative tea machine, the Temial world offers a tea selection of high-quality loose organic teas and a selection of accessories such as teapots and bowls.
Sales launch: 2018 in Germany and China

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JAFRA Cosmetics

It was the husband-and-wife team Jan and Frank Day, who in 1956 founded JAFRA in Malibu with the aim of producing the very best cosmetic products. They also wanted to offer people who were interested in earning an independent income the opportunity to do so.
Today, JAFRA Cosmetics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality cosmetics. The company’s main markets are Mexico, the USA and Indonesia.
The exceptional JAFRA body care, fragrance, SPA and Anti-Aging products are presented and sold direct to customers during product demonstration classes in their own home.

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352 million € in sales generated by JAFRA Cosmetics
in 2019

An average of 541,000 Consultants and 1,800 employees work for JAFRA Cosmetics

Neato Robotics

52 million € in sales generated by Neato Robotics
in 2019

An average of 115 employees work for Neato Robotics

akf Group

Vorwerk founded akf bank in 1968; today, it counts among Germany’s largest leasing and financing companies. Anticipation of trends, wise adjustment to new market demands and responsible growth all go to make the akf group a valuable provider of special financing for small and mid-size companies. 

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472 million €
in sales generated by the akf group
in 2019

An average of 500 employees work
for the akf group

Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH is an affiliate of the Vorwerk Group. By investing in young startups, Vorwerk gains access to innovations in direct selling, thereby driving the process of change and renewal. At the same time, it creates an environment in which a mutual transfer of know-how serves the startups and Vorwerk alike. 

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Vorwerk International

Vorwerk is represented in more than 70 countries. Discover our divisions’ respective sales markets around the world. 

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