Kobold Vacuum Cleaners

The best Vacuum Cleaner in Vorwerk Quality

For some an iconic object, for others an indispensable household helper – that’s Kobold. Since 1930, Vorwerk has been selling the hand-held vacuum cleaner with the characteristic imp logo (“Kobold” is the German for “imp”) and other cleaning products to customers through the direct sales system. The Kobold brand has a reputation for typical German-made quality, long life and innovation that is virtually second to none. From initial concept to its manufacture, all steps in the process of creating the finished classic product take place in Wuppertal. This is also where the latest model, the Kobold VK200, was developed.

Products – Superior Suction Power

Small, light, agile, powerful and with a lower energy consumption than any other vacuum cleaner in its class – the new Kobold VK200 really raises the bar.
It impresses with superior suction power both on carpets and hard surfaces, and it’s easy to maneuver and simple to operate. Vorwerk vacuum cleaners are also particularly ideal for allergy sufferers, thanks to their sophisticated filter technology with an integrated odor and hygiene microfilter that makes for a pleasant, fresh atmosphere.

The product range includes the hand-held VK200 and the equally powerful canister vacuum cleaner VT300 that’s available in some markets, as well as the electric brush, the Polsterboy and a host of other accessories and cleaning agents.

The Division in Figures

Its main markets are Italy (where the Kobold is called “Folletto”), Germany and China, and the rest of Europe. Almost 10.739 independent, mostly full-time sales advisers sell the products during demonstrations in customers’ homes.

 € 1,043.4m (2015)


Sales advisers

The division has its own sales companies in Italy, Germany, China, Spain, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Great Britain sells via distributors in 25 further countries.

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