JAFRA Cosmetics

The Power to transform Lives

The aspect of being able to empower women by offering them an attractive job prospect with high-quality cosmetic products was a key consideration for company founders Jan and Frank Day from the United States, who lent their names to the brand: JAFRA. In the diary she kept between 1956 and 1973, in which she recorded the early JAFRA years, Jan writes: “Frank and I wanted to sell only the finest, most elegant cosmetics it was possible to produce. We dreamed of a company with a heart – a company sensitive to the wishes and hopes of everyone connected with it. A company with a conscience.”

Products – Quality Raw Materials and Modern Technologies

JAFRA’s skin and body care products, perfume, decorative cosmetics, and SPA and anti-aging products are sold direct at parties held in the customer’s home. JAFRA products are produced from high-quality raw materials using modern technologies at the company’s own production facility. The JAFRA DYNAMICS range of skin care products combines exclusive botanical complexes and traditional Ayurvedic herbs with innovative INTELLISHIELD® technology. This technology acts like a second skin, providing protection from harmful environmental influences and changing climatic conditions, as well as slowing down the skin’s aging process and repairing damage.

The Division in Figures

JAFRA Cosmetics counts among the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cosmetics and has been a member of the Vorwerk Group since 2004. The main JAFRA markets are Mexico and the United States. JAFRA also operates in various European countries. The latest markets JAFRA has entered are Russia, Brazil and India. The division offers some 559,000 independent consultants worldwide the opportunity to achieve financial security by setting up their own independent business.

€ 457m (2015)



The division has sales companies in Mexico, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, Russia and India and sells through distributors in 7 further countries.